10 reasons why you shouldn’t work from home

Working from home is not for the faint hearted….

Here’s why….

1) No one is there to tell you what to do.

When you’re in the office and you’re trawling through pages and pages of Facebook there is no one there to tell you otherwise!

You could be in Cyberland for YEARS before someone tells you to stop.

Quiet frankly it’s easier to have someone tell you what not to do!

2) It is seriously lonely.

Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of deep and meaningful conversations with my toddlers, the only problem is they won’t respond.

Not in the way my former colleagues at work would anyway.

There’s no ‘water cooler chat,’ no one to bitch to about the boss, and no one to call on when you’re keen for some girly talk.

Instead you’ll find yourself starved of conversation you’ll end up talking to anyone who cares to listen… or not.

Recently I got to telling the lady at the grocery store my life story before I realised she wasn’t listening. Apparently when she asked how I was, she was just being polite.

3) You’ll stop caring what you look like

When the only people who will see you the entire day are your toddlers and your husband- you’re not going to blow dry your hair or put on mascara. Well, maybe you will- but it will go largely unnoticed.

You’ll resort to track pants, your ‘natural face’ and a greasy pony tail.

4) You’ll never know when to ‘switch off’

Because your office is less then 3 metres away, you’ll be tempted to finish that article, or submit one more post or ‘check in’ with social media.

You will have YouTube for breakfast, twitter for lunch and Facebook for dinner. It is endless…

5) You’ll probably be poor to begin with

In the beginning you will actually be losing money.

After spending costs on hosting your site, paying for a domain, the time you spend on your sites vs the time you could be spending in a job, not to mention all the learning materials you will need to get started- you will be begging an employer to look at your resume!

6) Your friends will hate you

That may not be true, but they will certainly envy you.

Most people chase the elusive work/life balance, and when they see you spending quality time with your husband and kids whilst they are busy working for someone else- they will secretly wish for your downfall.

7) So you’re not a Doctor/Scientist/Lawyer?

When you’re at a family barbeque and well meaning friends and family ask you what you do for a living, ‘a blogger’ isn’t very highly regarded.

You’ll get lots of ‘how nice’ ‘great to see Mama’s doing something for themselves’ and ‘well done, I’d rather be poor and happy like you!’

It’s admirable but to them it’s not really a job!

8) Your housework will NEVER get done

Because you are at home all the time, you’ll tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, or you’ll do it tonight.

Truth is you won’t because there are endless opportunities to do it but you just won’t want to because you have oodles of time!

9) There is no one to blame but yourself!

When you don’t get the sale, or when you don’t get that pay rise or that promotion you can’t blame your boss, your colleagues or even the company- it’s all you…. no room for excuses because YOU’RE in charge.

10) The coffees not great

Because most days you won’t leave the house you’ll resort to supermarket coffee.

No chai lattes or mocha treats for you!

The best you can hope for is a stained mug with a toddler on your hip- makes it taste like it was brewed fresh!

There are so many reason not to work from home, but to tell you the truth. for all the reasons above I LOVE working from home.

It’s not a glamorous job, it’s definitely not the highest paying job, nor will you get rich from it (not straight away anyway) but for me it’s the most rewarding.

I get to spend everyday with my precious ones and I am able to provide for my family financially.

And for that reason, I largely I try to ignore the top ten reasons why I shouldn’t work from home.


6 thoughts on “10 reasons why you shouldn’t work from home

  1. Yes! #2 and #3 especially. I had to attend an in-person meeting a couple months ago – straightened my hair, wore heels and a pencil skirt. A friend at the meeting commented that I didn’t need to dress up so much. Are you kidding me? This was my big chance to actually wear real clothes 🙂

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