7 Ways to feel amazing right now

Do you feel stuck? Uninspired? Or just burnt out?

It’ so easy to lose yourself in amongst your work, your babies, your hubby and your everyday life. There are those days where it can feel all a bit much!

Enter Mama melt down mode.

It happens to the best of us- no matter how much we feel we are in control of everything each and everyday- truth is we are all human.

Give yourself permission to take time out- these are just some of the ways you can reward yourself. And at the risk of sounding like a lame ad… you’re so worth it.yoga-mat

1) Practice yoga

Log onto YouTube and watch a home made video for free. There are so many health benefits, your mind, body and spirit will thank you. Feeling brave? Sign up for a weekly class, the guidance from your teacher is priceless.

2) Light a frikkin candle

Dscented-candleoesn’t take much and it definitely won’t cost you the world. It will lighten your mood instantly (don’t forget to keep at away from small hands at all times!)

3) Paint your nailsopi

So this may not seem like much but honestly it does wonders for me when I’ve changed my 9th nappy for the day! When I look down at my well kept nails I feel  somewhat glamorous (you may know this about me by now but it’s the little things that keep me going). In love with the pastel colours that are in at the moment.

deepak-chopra4) Read a damn good book

I consider this book to be a life line. It is my hour of power feel good book- even if you’re not a spiritual person you will appreciate the practical steps Deepak outlines in order to achieve success. I refer to this book at least once a month. It’s hand bag size so you can carry it anywhere.

5) Call a bestie

It is so important to have a support network in check. Doesn’t have to be a fellow Mama- you’ll benefit from not talking all day long about Mama drama and all things nappy related. Some of my closest friends are non Mamas and I love that they know the pre Mama me.

6) Wear a silk night gownsilk-pjs

For some of you this isn’t an option. Right now in sunny Oz I can wear a silk nightie and not freeze my tail off. I love the feeling of the light weight material on my skin and if I’m not leaving the house I can wear it all day long. If wearing a nightie doesn’t appeal to you then get yourself some silk pyjamas. Your hubby won’t mind the eye candy.

7) Eat healthy

Invest some time in preparing your meals (see post 7 ways to avoid the 5-9 melt down). Ensure you have plenty of iron and low GI foods in your diet. If you’ve got toddlers you know how important it is to have plenty of natural energy. When you’re out and about grab a banana or pack nuts in a small plastic resealable bag. If you buy in bulk you can save so much money.

Remember it’s all about balance. Mama’s need time out to connect with themselves every now and again.

Turn the phone off and put on a really long movie for the kiddies to watch (Finding Nemo almost always guarantees an hour of Mama time).

What do you do to feel amazing?

By the way, if you buy an item from my site I receive a small sum which goes to help funding my site.


One thought on “7 Ways to feel amazing right now

  1. Look who I found taking some time out for themselves. Keep it up mama! I agree, every woman needs a couple of silk night gowns to feel lush. Thanks again for stopping by 🙂


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