5 ways to have fun with the kids these holidays

These holidays, have some fun with the kids!

I loooove being a stay at home Mama but it is so easy to take that time for granted and default into ‘work mode’ because you are at home with them anyway right?

Make it quality time- allocate time blocks where you are just Mama and you can really enjoy their company. There are countless things you can do with the kiddies these holidays but I’ve highlighted my top 5. I’ve rated them in terms of how much fun they are likely to have, the expense and how easy or hard difficult it is to clean up! Here they are…. click on the picture if you want to buy the product from Amazon and help fund my site.

1) Kinetic Sand

kinetic-sandCleanliness- No where near as painful to clean as it looks-it’s not sand and its softer than Play Doh. The little ones will enjoy the texture and the older ones can really get creative (the ones in packs have the special moulds)

Fun o meter- They’ll be kept busy for at least two hours- little ones get distracted quicker. Make sure you engage with them in order to keep them interested.

Costs- The larger boxes contain the moulds and a tray and sell for just over $20. Not bad considering how easy it is to clean and so much more fun when it’s something new

2) Dress Upsdress-ups

Cleanliness- If you decide to use your old clothes to dress up in then you’re in for a bit of laundry. Otherwise the more delicate pieces can be hand washed easily.

Fun o meter- This will be different for every child but I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t play make believe. My girls love the Princess dresses by Disney.

Costs- Free if you pull old clothes from your wardrobe (Daddy’s old long sleeved work shirt is the perfect pirate outfit) or Amazon do great deals on boxed collections. It is more cost effective to buy the set.

3) Blankets and sheets

When I was younger one of the things I loved doing with my siblings was getting the bed sheets and making a cubby house under the dining table. It’s the most fun you can have with the little ones. Make sure you play my version from time to time where you get to be the Queen and the servants (your little ones) have to wait on you hand and foot!

Cleanliness- Again more laundry but the hours of fun is so priceless.

Fun o meter- Hours and hours of fun!

Costs- FREE

gian-art-jar4) Giant Art Jar

Cleanliness- There will be messy glue, sticky tape, tiny bits of paper and all sorts of art items that will be annoying to pick up. Do what I do and lay newspaper on the ground to avoid paint spills.

Fun o meter- Encourage the kids to get creative and more than anything get yourself created. Imagine, be brave and show the kids how it’s done. I have zero artistic skills but everyday I’m inspired by my kiddies.

Costs- This jar is just over $20. Great value considering all that is included.


Help set up lifelong habits for the kids. Encourage them to read AND read with them. There is no better bonding process even for the little ones. They take in so much (even when you think they’re not paying attention!)

Cleanliness- NONE

Fun o meter- Reading can be fun for all ages. Just be sure to select age appropriate books. My 11 year old is in love with the Harry Potter series at the momentand my three year old is now starting to understand characters, their plots and their outcomes. It’s so fascinating to see her make those connections. My one year old takes after her sisters and is also a book worm. Books that will appeal to this age have a hard cover, have bright pictures and books that contain textures and mirrors in them will help the little ones stay more engaged.

harry-potter            owl-bookold-ladyfive-little-monkeys

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