10 things I can’t live without

1) A good book game-of-thrones

My favourite thing to do is read. Dr Seuss said ‘the more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more places you go.’ When I read, I get transported to another world, I’m a different person and I can  have 100 different experiences all in the comfort of my home. At the moment I am loving the Game of Thrones book set- dragons, lions and dwarves! Oh my!

2) Face cleanser

Most nights I can get at least 6-7 hours of sleep. When the little ones are unwell or have some serious gas going on down there- I’ll be lucky to get two hours of sleep. Enter miracle cream. Even after an all nighter I will force myself to cleanse my face in this stuff. It helps to un zombie-fy my face. My skin just loves me for it- so will yours.


3) Slow cooker

How we ever survived without this I’ll never know. Makes week night cooking so much easier and that much more delicious (see my post on 7 ways to avoid the 9-5 meltdown). Like heck- I have better things to do than being in the kitchen! I could be cleaning the bathroom instead!

slow cooker

4) Kisses from my girls

This one cost nothing but love and hugs. It is my most favourite thing of all. Enough said.

lip gloss5) Lip gloss

If you’re like me you don’t really go anywhere except to pick the kids up from school and to the supermarket. A little bit of glamour never hurt anybody. Don’t wait for an excuse to get pretty, do little things every day. When I brush my hair I actually get a compliment, with decent clothes my husband tends to check me out more. Can you imagine the audience I would get if I tried every now and then? Not saying that looking good is the most important thing in the world, but if it makes me smile it was worth my while. This one’s a steal at just $15!


6) A bath (alone and without an audience!)

These days a shower is a luxury, but a bath? Please stop. When you get the chance- grab it with both hands and soak in the bath until your fingers resemble prunes. Remember a relaxed Mama is a happy Mama. Do it, I dare you.

7) Bburp clothsurp cloths

These things saved my life (not to mention my wardrobe) when I was nursing. They are soft, lightweight and will save you from smelling like your babies puke. Later on as the girls got older- they were perfect as bibs. When they’re finally over the messy stage I’ll use them as kitchen cloths (recycling at it’s best people!)

8) Hubbys love

Now I’m the type of person who cringes when I see a corny love story played out in the pictures. But you wanna know what the truth is? I’m a romantic at heart. I gush when hubby tells me he loves me and I can’t help but love hubby more when I hear him reading bedtime stories to my girls. Yes that may sound corny but I’ll wear that badge proudly because I absolutely love my husband. Even more than my slow cooker.

9) Sexy nappy bag

Just because you’re carrying nappies, wipes, tissues, clothes, lip gloss and the entire contents of the kitchen- does not mean you have to look like Reese Witherspoon on her latest film Wild (by the way great movie). Get yourself a sexy nappy bag that carries everything you need and doesn’t resemble the cooler bag you packed your hubbys lunch in. This bag comes with a bottle tote and a change mat. WINNING!


10) Baby swing

Slightly controversial- but from my experience, I can tell you it helped out tremendously particularly when I had my third daughter. When my just two year old craved my attention and my newborn was still in her clingy newborn stage, I could rely on this swing to gently rock her to sleep. I used it mainly for the midday naps and to keep her entertained whilst I was busy with my toddler. In my eyes, anything that makes life easier for Mama is absolute gold.


So there  you have it.

Reply below with a link to your top 10 things you can’t live without!

If you click on any of the pictures above you can purchase the item for yourself through the Amazon store. Happy shopping 🙂



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