The 5 different Mamas you’re likely to know

When you head to the playground, or to a playgroup session or even when you gather amongst your tight knit group of friends- you are likely to encounter varying types of Mamas.

The good news is there is no good or bad type of Mama- we are all individuals, all unique and oh so special in our own little ways. The Mama’s I have encountered over the years have turned into my very best friends and even though we sometimes have to agree to disagree I love each and every one of them.

1) The health and beauty Mama

This Mama can rock skinny jeans weeks after she’s just had a baby. As soon as she’s able she is hitting the gym and talking designer lipsticks whilst you can scarcely whisper ‘sleep deprived.’ Greasy pony tail and track pants? No way. Health and beauty Mama won’t be seen in anything less than high heels and a full face of make up. I admire her efforts because after all we have to take care of ourselves too right? I’ll admit I feel great after showering and brushing my hair, but these days my high heels are lucky to see the light of day. I love being around health and beauty Mama especially when I need an insta make over. She can turn me from frumpy mummy to yummy mummy with a lick of her mascara. She’s great to have over just before date night with hubby!

2) DIY Mama

This Mama makes all of her kids clothes, makes all her own puree foods and won’t be seen buying from the frozen dinner section. Ever. She’s the one you can rely on for an awesome midweek recipe and you’re likely to get a hand knitted with love cardigan for your newborn when you have your baby shower (she’ll probably be the one organising it). She also bakes the most amazing cakes and can rock an apron like a boss. You secretly envy her but hate her even more when you find how generous she is at sharing her skills. She is great at birthday parties and afternoon tea get togethers. DIY Mama is kind and helpful and always ready to lend a hand.

3) ‘I can do anything’ Mama

I was tempted to call this Mama the ‘Perfect Mama’ But the truth is there is no such thing. The ‘I can do anything Mama’ is a combination of the DIY Mama, the health and beauty Mama, the ‘my kid is the best in the world’ Mama and a whole lot of in between. She is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave because she is always so damn busy. You admire her for all that she can do and wonder how on Earth she does it. Not only was her kids first holiday in Paris (jealous much?) she just recently started an accounting business with her hubby. But just because her exterior is picture perfect does not mean all is well- talk to your ‘I can do anything’ Mama friend on a deeper level and find a connection. You’ll soon see that the picture she puts out isn’t what it seems. Offer to help out by taking her kids for an arvo or invite her for coffee sans kids. You’ll find you have more in common with her than you think.

4) ‘My kid poops gold’ Mama

“What do you mean terrible twos? We by passed all that”

“My kid was walking at three months- how old were yours?”

“My two year old speaks Greek, Latin and Thai. He never learned gibberish.”

Sound familiar? The ‘my kid poops gold’ Mama thinks the world of her kids, and so she should. Any Mama should be proud of her kids accomplishments. But when it is constant and she is always comparing her kids to yours- it can be downright tiresome. Next time this Mama refers to your child as less than inferior- rant and rave about how your kids can do back flips, front flips and aerials all whilst holding a latte. That’ll send the message loud and clear, she’ll realise what she’s doing and she’ll know she’s crossed a line.

5) ‘I haven’t slept in days’ Mama

This poor Mama just can’t catch a break. Not only are her kids driving her mental, she is recovering from the flu, her car was totalled due to no fault of her own and her rents gone up by another $20! Truth is misery loves company, even though she may be going through some tough times it’s fair to say that we ALL go through those days- but with this Mama it seems to be every day. Help this Mama out by changing the subject if she goes on a tangent about something negative, compliment her  if she tells you something positive that’s happened. It’s important to be a good friend and always listen, but don’t let that fear and negative emotion get you down too.

Which Mamas do you know?


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