S*** My Three Year Old Says

This age is so exhausting, yet so entertaining.

My three year old is a little fire cracker and I wouldn’t have it any other way…. yes she drives me cray cray  but for all the s*** she says and does- I love her all the more.

I’ve been able to keep a diary of some of the random stuff she comes up with…..

3yo: Mama I have to watch the Frozen movie so that Elsa will be happy.

(how can I refuse that?)

3yo: When I was a little baby I used to drink your boobies, now I’m a ‘tobbler’ I can drink Daddy’s boobies!

(eeerrrrmmm please don’t!)

3yo points to a bag of jelly beans: Mama can I have that?

Me: No darling you can’t, that’s medicine.

3yo starts coughing dramatically: Can I have it now?

(just so you know, I didn’t fall for it)

3yo: Mama I can’t go to school today because I need to stay at home and look after you.

(that’s more true than she knows)

3yo: I can’t have any more dinner because my tummy told me so.

Me: Is that right?

3yo: Yes, and my tummy also said she wants ice cream now thanks.

(body parts have feelings too you know!)

3yo shouts whilst pointing at her crying one year old sister: Can you give her away?

Me: No honey, we are NOT giving your sister away.

3yo: Then can you put her in the car and close the door.

(she is developing the totalitarian style of discipline)

3yo finds my mascara and uses it to draw all over her baby dolls face: I can’t play with her now because she’s all yucky. I need a new doll please.

Me: You can just clean that off her, she’ll be good as new.

3yo: Then I’m just going to draw on her again and again.

(at least she’s honest)

3yo points to my stretchmarks with a concerned look: What happened to you?

Me: You and your sisters did that to me when you were in my belly.

3yo: Poor Mama, okay I’ll live  back in your belly and fix it up for you.

(bless her!)

3yo: Pink is for girls and blue is for boys.

Me: That’s not always true- Mama’s favourite colour is blue and Daddy has a pink shirt.

3yo: Why? What’s wrong with you?

(oh dear!)

What random s*** do your kids say?


15 thoughts on “S*** My Three Year Old Says

  1. So funny, they are smart little humans! Can’t wait for my bub to start talking. My nephew says the funniest things.
    He: “Dad we forgot to turn the traktor off!”
    (Play tractor)
    The dad: “oh no, we’ll do it now then”
    He: “too late. Out of petrol now”

    On a roadtrip through farming area he got very exited and pointed out of the window as I was sitting next to him. “Look at all the marshmallows!”
    (Hay balls wrapped in white plastic)


  2. Hahaha, this is so great! I can barely wait to have conversations with my babies! All they do now is call my husband “mommy” and me “papa”! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I’ll definitely come back and read more of your stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are good lines, well done to you for writing them down. I should do the same more often. My older one is 4 now and although he can still be hilarious, he is more aware of what he says. But he has said about his younger baby brother “can you take him back to hospital?” in the first few weeks of sharing his bedroom with him.
    Lovely to discover your blog, thanks for following mine. Laura


    1. It’s adorable isn’t it? I’ve tried recording some of these moments but she gets so camera shy so instead I make a mental note and write them in my diary! Thanks for stopping by x


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