Creative Blogger Award

So honoured and humbled to have been nominated by fellow Mama Carly author of

Freckles and Cheeks.

Thank you so, so much for your nomination- I really loved reading your blog especially your post on Happiness. You’ve inspired me to write about what makes me happiest- thanks so much for sharing!

I love the online community that blogging has created for me- yes there is so much negativity on the internet these days but there is still so much good. My only regret about blogging is not starting sooner. So for anyone thinking about starting.. be like Nike and Just Do It! Oh and by the way this is not a post sponsored by Nike 😉

Here are the rules for the award:

1.) Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you

2.) Share five facts about yourself to your readers

3.) Nominate 10 other blogs and post their links

4.) Notify all nominees via their social media/blog

5.) Pass on the rules to them

So here goes, five random facts about me!

1) I live for food but I hate to cook! (Okay so hate is a very strong word so let me just rephrase that by saying that I really, really, really dislike doing it!)

2) I have been in love with the same man since I was 16 years old (and I got to marry him too!)

3) I love to read…. for as long as I can remember I have read just about anything that I can get my hands on. Cereal boxes, street signs, old hand written letters (remember when those things were around?), instructions (but I usually don’t follow through on them), blogs, news articles, reviews just about anything!

4) At the moment I am reading BOLD by Peter Diamondis and Steven Kotler. A must if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

5) Deciding to be a stay at home is the most rewarding and most challenging job I have had to date!

Below are the incredible blogs I have nominated. Congratulations on an amazing effort. There is no obligation to participate of course, but I really wanted to take the time to acknowledge your time, effort, bravery and courage for sharing. It’s not easy to put your world on show for everyone to see- just know that your work is being appreciated. Thank you so much xx

The Essence of Life

Baby Drool

David Davien

The Modern Mumma

Picture Perfect Mom

Operation Happier

Carly aka Mummy

Both & Both

Dad without a map

Mummy Lawrence


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