How to decide who should take parental leave

Some good advice!


If there’s one stereotype about Millennials that may have some truth to it, it’s they have had to wait. They’ve been slower than previous generations to take full-time jobs, buy their own homes, or get married.

Yet one by one, Millennials have started to reach these milestones. The next one on the horizon? Children.

It’s time. More than 71% of Millennials are between the ages of 20 and 34. Even if the average age of the American first-time mother is creeping up from the 2009 level of 25, the last time it was measured, the Millennial generation has reached its prime baby-making years. While some surveys of college graduates indicate that this generation doesn’t want kids, others, like Bentley University’s “Millennials in the Workplace” study, show that 57% of working Millennials consider being a good parent as very important.

Unlike previous generations, Millennial men have stood out in their willingness…

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