Thank you for dropping into my site! If you’re like a lot of Mama’s out there you want what’s best for you and your family.

What does that mean exactly?

For me, it means being able to provide them with love, care and compassion.

It means providing for them financially so that we can live day to day, and not just that, but enjoy this thing called life!

It also means giving them the best of me so that they can enjoy me and know that love is unconditional and free.

For me it also means being present. Seeing them wake up when their sleepy eyes are just beginning to open and putting them to bed after a long day of playing, laughing and growing.

I had this realisation years ago after I spent more than 50 hours at work- I would leave for work with my daughter still in her pyjamas and by the time I got home she was all ready to jump back into them ready for a nights rest …. the majority of the hours in my day were spent in accounts, customer service and meetings with clients.

I was able to provide for her financially- between my husband and I, we were making some serious $$$

But why did I still feel unfulfilled?

Some years later we decided to have a second child- I was so ecstatic to have the time to be at home and just be ‘Mama.’

My days were spent breastfeeding, reading vampire books and watching trashy reality TV shows (along with all of my other Mama duties of course!)

Life was easy, yet I still felt unfulfilled.

When we decided to complete our family by having our third and final child, I realised what I craved most was balance.

Why can’t we stay at home with the kids AND earn money at the same time?

The internet has given us so many opportunities, earning money and being at home with the kids is possible.

Join me on my journey to make this possible!

What does balance mean to you?

What steps have you taken to help make the elusive work/life balance a reality?


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  1. We only have one life & one chance to see our kids grow up. I used to work & had my 1st child in playschool then as he got older & I had my other kids. I decided I did not want anyone else minding my kids! We went will a lot less money. Did without sky tv & the new car & all that jazz. There are more important things in life we just have to figure out if our money ,careers etc are more important than those precious yrs.

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