Before I’m uncool…..

Recently when I took my 11 year old shopping, I found it hard to find a pink tee, with a simple crew neck and cuffed sleeves in her size.

After going through the aisles of several department stores and kids specialty stores I was just about ready to give up!

I then walked past a ‘ladies clothing store’ who’s primary target market was for between 14 year olds – 24 year olds.

Low and behold there was the pink tee, with a crew neck and cuffed sleeve item I had spent half the day searching for!

It was perfect!

Except that my 11 year old wanted to me buy one for her AND one for me as well.

I nearly choked.

Matching Mama daughter outfits I scoffed.

My 11 year old looked at me sad and hurt.

“Why not Mama?”

“Honey, believe me I will save you lots of therapy in the long run. It won’t be long before you consider me uncool and lame- you won’t want to have the same outfit as me.”

She disagreed yet nodded sadly.

It’s true that there will be a time that I’ll be considered no longer ‘hip’ and a little out-dated, yet here was my darling daughter seeking a bonding experience with me in the form of matching tees and I had made the assumption that she was already there.

I decided that that was not my call- she still thought of me as somewhat cool and wanted to be just like me. The thought of the idea being ‘lame’ hadn’t even crossed her mind

To her, matching tees meant she was loved, accepted and respected.

Who was I to tell her otherwise?

With that, I ducked right back into that trendy store and bought that darn pink tee in my size.

Her face filled me with pride.

So before I get lame, I’ll attempt as many matching outfits with her as I can.


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